Vahina Tahi has the soul of an artist.
Curious and imaginative, she is an incurable romantic, discovering the world behind the lens of her camera, through the window of an airplane and observing her surroundings at a local terrace café.
Travel, love, and her unusual upbringing shape her sense of being.

Vahina Tahi means “ Unique Woman “ in Hawaiian, a name given to her by her Eurasian mother and her German father.
Raised by artistic parents in Paris, Milan, Cologne and Cape Town, her childhood rocked to the rhythm of the fashion world. After enrolling in Penninghen, School of Design and Interior Architecture in Paris, she receives her final diploma from Studio Berçot School of Fashion Design. This experience helps sketch the early outlines of her mark on the creative world.

A tireless globetrotter, she studies, Jewelry design and Photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, a city known for fostering emerging artistic and cultural movements. From this knowledge she resolves to make her passion a profession: Jewelry.

Returning to France she works next to Aurelie Bidermann, a fashionable Parisian Jewelry brand. But a desire for innovation and adventure beholds her and sends her off to New York to join a Photography agency. This crucial time will provide Vahina with the clear conviction to head back to her roots and launch her own brand in Paris.

Drawing from her travels, this inquisitive hunter of modern times selects objects of desire. From the scent of the flower leis dawning her childhood, to the shell necklaces she created from her beachcombing on the Mediterranean sands, Vahina conceives a cabinet of curiosity built meticulously since her tender age.

In each of her creations dwells a subtle mix of energy, surprise, and dream: a quest for perfection. Timeless and contemporary, discreet and sensual, her jewelry is dedicated to enhance the beauty of every fashionable woman of today.

Vahina Tahi’s fine jewelry signature creations are all handcrafted in Italy. Her collections are designed in different colors of 18 carat gold with settings of exquisite precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

Her inherent sense of refinement and taste of travel have finally found a home.